Thursday, January 6, 2011

What's a Lorfa?

A "Lorfa" is a nonsense word that I use to name the life form that is to be the successor to humans. It also happens to make a good nickname and is often not taken, so I use it just about everywhere.

I see human beings as a kind of half breed, half non-human primate and half something else. George Carlin said "we're barely out of the jungle" and I agree. The hope is that if someday we become 100 % something else instead of only ~50 %, that the disappearance of our more primitive side will take with it the more troubling aspects of human nature, such as greed, ill-will, violence and impulsiveness.

I often like to speculate about what this next evolution might be like, be it brought on by nature or engineered by us (transhumanism). I've come up with some attributes that I find interesting:

1. Nonduality comes naturally.

2. Greater objectivity.

3. Greater average intelligence, especially spatial.

4. Smaller average ego.

5. Assertiveness, instead of passivity and/or aggression.

6. Less bacterial, less viral in nature.

7. Greater sphere of understanding.*

8. More powerful communication, that also comes with greater ease.**

9. Substantially stronger memory

Some Physical Ideas:

1. Greater myelination up through adulthood.

2. Acquire nourishment from surroundings (energy everywhere).

3. Waste in the form of heat.

* Human individuals have what I would describe as two mental 'spheres' of information: knowledge and understanding. The sphere of knowledge is larger than the sphere of understanding, since we understand only a percentage of what we know. The problem is that in both cases these spheres are too small. With intelligence, maturity, and study one can widen these spheres but only to a certain extent.

The result of this is that human progress is slow in many areas. It often takes teams of persons throughout long stretches of time to make scientific and civil progress, and often only after much conflict. In fact many human conflicts begin on exactly this lack of knowledge and understanding.

Although it would be great to improve both of these, simply improving our understanding of what we already know would help considerably.

** Communication is one of the only resources humans have to combat the small size of our information spheres. It is only natural that a successor would possess substantially stronger communication abilities.

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