Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Here I am again

I actually considered naming this a "journal" instead of a blog, although as it turns out a journal can indicate a daily entry, and I did not want to commit to daily entries. It looks like it might be going that way so far though. We'll see.

Anyways, I've recently come to the conclusion that my mind operates in 3.25 channels. The 0.25 because one of them is comparatively narrow in its capacity, closer to a "quarter channel".

These channels do not simply contain/process mental information, but can also be used by the body. Here's an explanation of what each channel is typically used for.

One channel is what I would consider "main", and includes what I'm focusing on doing at the moment. For example writing this post. This is where the "personification of my own intuition" makes its voice heard.

The second (auxiliary?) channel can be used for just about anything, but often it is a source of distraction. So, what I often do when I am focusing on something is move my body a bit. I shake my leg, or make some other simple motion that kind of "silences" it. That way my main channel can go about doing what it is doing without having "noise" on the line. I've found that typing satisfies this minor kinetic operation, which allows my intuition to flow on to the page naturally.

The third (tertiary?) channel, and what it is often used for may surprise you. It plays music. Almost omnipresently some song is playing in my head and it is often on this channel. Often the same tune remains in my head for 1-2 days, and it's not even the complete tune. It's usually 1-4 parts of a tune played over and over again. Right now it is playing parts from "Love sic pt. 2" by Nujabes ft. Shing02. You might think this would drive a person insane, but as far as I can tell I've been like this for my entire life, and unlike the second channel, the third has the peculiar property of not interfering with the first two. Of course the song can be changed by simply listening to music, but it usually takes listening to two different tracks to change the song, and I have to enjoy the song sufficiently for it to take hold. It has to at least be "catchy".

Which brings me to the last channel, the fourth, or quaternary channel. This seems to be a narrow one, as it is seemingly overshadowed by the first three. In times of great focus I no longer have music in head, as the third channel's tunes get pushed into the 4th and their mental volume gets turned down greatly. When I'm not focused this channel contains information that kind of exists at the border, or "periphery" of my awareness.

Right now, my fourth channel appears to be concerned with the person whose computer I'm using at the moment coming home and wanting me to sign off. Part of this last channel's information seems to go into my unconscious mind where such information is manifested in all sorts of ways in dreams. Certainly "back of the mind" anxieties have a way of finding themselves into my dreams.

Having realized this I wonder what I can do with it. Certainly an improved understanding of one's own mind is bound to have some value.

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