Monday, April 21, 2014

Powerade Zero flavors

I have no interest in trying the orange or the lemon flavors, but I have tried the others.

I'd rate them as follows:

1. Fruit punch
2. Mixed Berry
3. Strawberry
4. Grape

The mixed berry (blue) is not bad, but its taste is a bit sweet and it gets tiresome.

The strawberry is not so good. The flavor is very synthetic tasting. It tastes a bit like beer, a non-alcoholic extra watery type beer.

They really missed the mark on the grape though. I am a huge fan of grape propel which I drink all the time, so I thought this one would be a hit. No such luck. It tastes two parts super synthetic grape flavoring, and one part of something rather 'medicinal' tasting.

For now the fruit punch is the most tolerable of the lineup that I've tried. I'm concerned though that it's something I could quickly get tired of.

I've tried the berry and the fruit punch in the non-zero versions, and both tasted arguably better than their 'zero' counterparts.

I hope to get more chances to try the non-zero ones, but I got these zeroes on a deal, or I probably wouldn't have got them at all. It's unfortunate that the non-zero ones have so much more sugar.

I'm trying to get an addition for the grape propel though, something a bit heavier hopefully with some calories. I also have dr. pepper, but that is caffeinated so I drink it much more sporadically, and avoid it late at night. It's also supposed to be really unhealthy or w/e.

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